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Who on earth are these people selling awesome used tech?
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About Epic Deals

Our Epic STory

As with many businesses, our company was established by our founder, Brad, scratching his own itch. Brad had a love of the latest tech but couldn’t stand the process of buying and selling via classified sites. After dealing with the final scammer that broke the camel’s back, our company was born.
Seven years ago, Brad started building the business from home. It grew quickly and he ran out of space for stock in his small home office. Stock kept piling up – so he expanded his “warehousing” to the couch in the lounge. This didn’t last long.

His loving wife made it very clear that the business needed to move into its own space.
In 2015 the business moved into a small 5 x 5m office (a converted garage), and employed its second employee.

The business has grown to be a team of 16, and has over 1,000 devices in our 600m² warehouse.
While there are now many small businesses trying to do what we do, we pioneered the formalised online buying and selling of used tech online in South Africa.

We are proud to have nearly 2,000 positive ratings on bidorbuy.co.za and we are the top-rated used tech company on HelloPeter.

Our team is focused on customer service and we maintain a “continual learning” environment, so everyone on our team is always improving.
Instead of complaining about the state of our country, we want to be part of the solution. We want to grow our business and employ as many people as we can. Our team also has a heart for the poor and are actively involved in community-upliftment and entrepreneurial training programs in the local townships.

For security and operational reasons, we do not allow collections at our warehouse and only deliver by courier. Delivery is overnight to most areas in SA.

For too long, the scammers have been making millions every year, preying on buyers on the various classified sites.

We're here to keep the scammers skinny.

Our Technical Team

Our Admin Team

The People That Make This Possible

The Epic team



Andrew leads our company and is the primary builder and manager of our business systems. He makes sure the wheels keep turning smoothly, leading to happy customers, and a happy team.


Sales, Marketing, Admin & Operations Leader

Dave is like the postman, he always delivers, especially when it comes to our sales. He also manages all our advertising for the social media channels.


Stock & Tech Leader

Previously a banker, Stuart knows all the right people and all the best places. His talent lies in sourcing the best parts money can buy. He never disappoints in finding hidden gems that prove to be of utmost worth.



Armandt handles the financial side of the business, making sure everything balances, is accounted for, and makes financial sense. He also oversees the packing and dispatch of all orders.


Laptop Wizard

Jean is our laptop specialist – testing and repairing them at a blistering pace.
Once an avid Apple hater, he has turned and seen the light and now happily works on any brand of laptop. 


Technician/Software Specialist

There is no laptop too old or too broken for this man’s magic fingers. There’s no software too arduous to understand, and there’s no bridge his “technician” brain hasn’t crossed. Our Jack of all trades can do it all when it comes to the secret places of technology. 

Odi Profile Insurance Salvage



Odi recently joined our team as a junior technician. He is a quick learner and has developed his technical skills rapidly since joining the team. He may be a quiet guy but he sure knows how to wield a set of screwdrivers.

Neville Insurance Salvage


Client Liason

Neville is a little camera shy, so we haven’t published his photo on the website. Neville has years of experience in management and has a big heart. He arranges many of our device collections and assists clients with unlocking their devices. Neville and his guide dog make a mean team!

Muriel Salvage


Courier Collections

We do a lot of work with SA’s largest insurance companies and Muriel oversees all the complex logistics of collecting hundreds of devices from clients all over South Africa, and managing the database that keeps track of all of these devices.


Sales & Customer Service Expert

He spearheads salesmanship by doing an excellent job of handling all the warranty returns as well as customer questions and queries.


Salvaging & Listing Specialist


Phone & Laptop Technician




Chief Purchasing Agent


Chief Salvage Agent


Technical Assistant


These are some snippets of just some of the things we get up to as a team where we focus on growing together or things that have stood out. 

December 2018
2018 Year End

Braaing in the rain. This will always be a day to remember.

Even though we were only 9 team members, we managed to enjoy a day that fought against us with the weather and the cherry on the top was that we were able to go on a jet ski. 

A purely great South African moment of persistence to have a braai despite challenges!

May 2021
Special Saturday Delivery

While we make use of The Courier Guy from our Klerksdorp office.

Dave & Drayden(Sales Guys) hand delivered this parcel to Johannesburg of about 13 iPhone 7s and iPhone 8s over the Saturday. 

Clients company required them a bit urgently in order to dispatch through to their agents in Africa later that day. 

To add to that day, because Drayden has many good ideas, we figured considering we are in Jhb, we might as well go to Gold Reef City for Dave's first Roller Coaster ride. 

Dave does not think Drayden has good ideas after screaming for his life 

May 2021
Team Building Activity

One of the Wednesdays we got to go through an exercise together which involved practicing communicating clearly and working together. 

November 2021
2021 Year End Paintball

Valuing each team member was on the front of each person's mind while we got to shoot each other in teams of two. 

Odi was an unsurrending key player and refused to give up even while getting pinned in a tricky position. Gotta admire his persistence.

Dave was checking if friendly fire was enabled and shot his own teammate(Gert) by mistake. Spoiler alert, friendly fire was definitely enabled. 

Each player had a great game and had a great meal to enjoy together. 

Our CEO(Andrew) also had the opportunity to review the year and reflected on the growth seen in each team member. 

16 team members by this time. 

December 2021
Food Parcels

As a small business, we get to change the narrative in South Africa by helping others. 

This team activity provided us with the opportunity to provide for a whole family where each team member got to pack their own food parcel.

The team broke up into groups of 3 and went in to the streets of Klerksdorp to speak to people and to give out the parcel that had enough food to provide a small family for a whole month. 

The stories we heard were heartfelt and moved us greatly. 

Our ambition is to always look for ways to build something sustainable for others. Take a look here for some more information. 

August 17 2022
Techs vs Admin
Olympic Games

These olympic games were the first of it's kind here. We had a competition of techs vs admins where the techs would compete in doing some things the admin does and then the admin team doing some tech work in a race against time. 


Monique aced the packaging where Jean dominated the phone repair parts. The blind fold races were every man's game but at the end of the day - the admin team pulled through with a 6-5 victory. 

Device Grades

  • Not all functions working
  • Deep scratched on screen or casing
  • Cracks
  • Water damaged, but working 

The device is functional without additional repairs, but has notable damage to major components. It’s more like Eskom – it’s great if it works but you know you can’t trust it. It could fail at any time.

Issues that would put a device in this category would include a cracked or broken screen, a damaged casing, faulty battery, broken Touch or Face ID sensors and any other components required for the device to be in full working order. Deep scratches, cracks, or dents would qualify the device as poor condition.

  • Everything works. No major damage. Most “normal” devices fit into the “Good” classification.
  • Only used phones that are practically brand new fit under the “Mint” classification.


The device is fully working and does not require any repairs to be used further. Minor evidence of previous use in the form of small scratches and scuffs are acceptable. 

Battery maximum capacity (visible in Settings > Battery > Battery Health) must be at 90% or above. If it’s lower than that, we would have to replace the battery before the phone can be resold. A fee of R250 will be deducted from the payout, to go towards covering this cost.

  • Everything works. No signs of previous use. 
  • Only used phones that are practically brand new fit under the “Mint” classification.

The device is fully working and does not require any repairs to be used further. The device has absolutely no signs of previous use, not even minor scuffs or scratches are visible, the device is as good as new.

Battery maximum capacity (visible in Settings > Battery > Battery Health) must be at 95% or higher. 

  • New and sealed.
  • The plastic wrapping around the box hasn’t even been opened.


The device still has all original factory seals intact with no evidence of tampering. The box has been been unsealed or opened, and the device has never been used. Devices must be free from any contractual obligation.