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Let's Help in an Epic Way

The team at Epic Deals is passionate about helping people who have different abilities – those with limits that have held them back in the past.
If you’ve ever dealt with our team, you might be surprised to know that some of our team can’t see at all and some have hands that don’t work quite the same as you’d expect.

We Truly Care

Our Vision and Progress

We don’t care about buzzwords. As a team, we’ve never discussed “Inclusion” as a topic. What we do discuss is how we can help those around us. It’s as simple as that.

What we want to do is use our access to used tech products to help people who might not be able to use phones or computers properly because of a disability.

We have access to Apple products and they have some impressive accessibility features.

Our Progress:

We have a blind team member who does vital record-keeping and phone call work. He is one of our longest-standing employees.

We helped a client set up an iPad Pro for his son (who battles cerebral palsy) access a whole new world of Google and YouTube.

We have helped a friend of ours, who is paralyzed from the neck down, learn to control a MacBook Air and an iPad with his voice.

How Can We Do More?

We don’t have some “grand plan”. We try help as opportunities arise and see where that leads.

There could be many different scenarios:

Helping visually-impaired individuals through one-on-one training with our team member who is visually impaired.

Donating products (where we can) to disabled people, where the supply of the products would significantly impact their world, and ideally, enable them to learn new skills and possibly gain employment. We could try help them find work in our business, or through our business network.

Supplying discounted tech products to disabled people.

Add new remote team members, who might have battled to gain employment because they are physically limited and can’t travel to a workplace.

Team up with organisation that are already doing good work in this space.

If you have any ideas around how we could help more people, or if you know of people who might benefit from what we are trying to do, please mail brad@epicdeals.co.za and let’s get the conversation going.