Learning More About Buying Used iPhones in South Africa

Should I buy a CPO phone?

Tl;dr: Most "CPO" phones being sold in SA are not true CPO devices.

Buying a CPO iPhone

Well, what is CPO?

CPO was a term originally used by manufacturers, to mark their refurbished devices. 

Apple has done this for many years. A CPO phone is supposed to be a phone that is fully refurbished by the original manufacturer – with a new battery, screen and casing.

A CPO phone should be a phone that was refurbished, and certified by the original manufacturer.

The Problem with CPO

What has happened is that resellers of used phones have started simply adding this label to their products – even though they have not been certified or refurbished by the original manufacturer.

These devices have not been certified by any relevant body. They are simply used phones that are presented in a misleading way. 

Does Epic Deals sell CPO Phones?

Yes – but only if it’s a real CPO phone from Apple, Samsung or other relevant manufacturer.

All of our phones are clearly described on our website, with original photos of every single device listed. You can see exactly what you are going to get – no hidden surprised. 

We don’t try misuse the CPO label: Yes, most of the products we sell are used. They are refurbished by our own in-house technical team (if needed) and then honestly resold. 

We proudly sell used phones that represent excellent value and that come at a lower cost than devices that are being sold by the original manufacturer.


Don’t automatically trust a product if you see CPO in the description. In South Africa, most of these devices are mislabelled. 

At Epic Deals, we offer industry-leading service and affordable, trust-worthy used tech products. 

We are proud that four of our brands occupy the top ten list in the Electronics category on HelloPeter. This is the result of many years of honest business.

You can be sure you will receive incredible value for money and trust-worthy service when you shop with Epic Deals.