Can I Remove My iCloud From My iPhone Remotely?

Are you preparing to sell or exchange your iPhone? You’ll need to disconnect the device from your iCloud account first to prevent the new owner from accessing your information, and thankfully we’re here to help you out with some simple instructions!

What is the iCloud?

Whenever you set up a new iPhone, you’ll always get a prompt to sign in or create a new iCloud account, so you can keep all your phone data in an online backup storage. If this is your first iPhone, it’s understandable you might not be familiar with it, but you can connect multiple devices to the same account, such as another iPad or a family member’s iPhone.

Because you can connect different devices to your iCloud, it’s important to remove your device from your account before selling it to another person or to a company like Epic Deals.

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Why Would I Need To Remove iCloud From My Phone Remotely?

There’s always the chance that when you’ve sold or traded in your iPhone, that you may have forgotten to log out of your iCloud account. This can be dangerous as the phone will still have access to your data, but thankfully you can always remove devices from your iCloud account remotely as well.

Most companies who sell pre-owned iPhones and devices will do their best to sign out of any iCloud accounts before re-selling the iPhone, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check that your device has been removed.

How To Reset Your iPhone Remotely

It’s easy to remove iCloud from your old device remotely. Simply follow these instructions:

  • Head to and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Head to Find My iPhone.
  • Click on All Devices (located at the top of the screen).
  • Select the iPhone you wish to remove from your account, such as iPhone 7.
  • Click Erase iPhone and Next.
  • Click Remove From Account.

You can also remove the device online by doing the following:

  • Head to and log into your Apple ID account
  • Scroll down to Devices and click the devices name
  • Click Remove From Account and Confirm.

Once complete, that old device should no longer be connected to your iCloud account and you can once again feel safe knowing your data is secure.

Will Signing Out Of My iCloud Delete Everything?

When reselling your iPhone, it’s important to know that your data won’t be shared with the next owner. Therefore when your iCloud is removed from the device, the device in question will no longer be able to access any of your data stored in your account.

If your phone has already gone through a factory reset and any data was simply stored in your iCloud account rather than on your phone directly, disconnecting your iCloud account will delete everything on your phone. However, you can still access this data through your iCloud account on another device.

If you are removing an iPhone from your iCloud account for another reason, then the data saved to the phone will not be removed. Only the data which is stored online through iCloud storage specifically will be removed and the iPhone in question will not be able to access it.

Reselling Your iPhone

When reselling your iPhone, it’s important to remember to delete the login details of your Apple ID and iCloud account to prevent anyone from stealing or using your data inappropriately. There’s still the chance the phone can be iCloud locked if it thinks someone other than you is using the phone, but it’s best to remove it to avoid risk.

The company you sell through should always check to see if the phone is locked to an iCloud account before selling it to a new owner.

Epic Deals Policy

Selling through Epic Deals and their partner company is simple and easy without any need to worry about new owners getting an iCloud locked iPhone. After going through the process of getting a quote for your old iPhone and getting it sent off via courier service, the team will begin checking your device for quality.

One of the main things they check is whether your iPhone is locked to an iCloud account – it can’t be sold/purchased on if you’re still logged into it. Therefore you will be notified immediately since you’re the only one who can log out of that account.

After logging out of the account, the team can continue checking that the phone quality matches what you described in the initial quote. If it’s better than described, then you’ll end up getting more money overall!

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Device Grades

  • Not all functions working
  • Deep scratched on screen or casing
  • Cracks
  • Water damaged, but working 

The device is functional without additional repairs, but has notable damage to major components. It’s more like Eskom – it’s great if it works but you know you can’t trust it. It could fail at any time.

Issues that would put a device in this category would include a cracked or broken screen, a damaged casing, faulty battery, broken Touch or Face ID sensors and any other components required for the device to be in full working order. Deep scratches, cracks, or dents would qualify the device as poor condition.

  • Everything works. No major damage. Most “normal” devices fit into the “Good” classification.
  • Only used phones that are practically brand new fit under the “Mint” classification.


The device is fully working and does not require any repairs to be used further. Minor evidence of previous use in the form of small scratches and scuffs are acceptable. 

Battery maximum capacity (visible in Settings > Battery > Battery Health) must be at 90% or above. If it’s lower than that, we would have to replace the battery before the phone can be resold. A fee of R250 will be deducted from the payout, to go towards covering this cost.

  • Everything works. No signs of previous use. 
  • Only used phones that are practically brand new fit under the “Mint” classification.

The device is fully working and does not require any repairs to be used further. The device has absolutely no signs of previous use, not even minor scuffs or scratches are visible, the device is as good as new.

Battery maximum capacity (visible in Settings > Battery > Battery Health) must be at 95% or higher. 

  • New and sealed.
  • The plastic wrapping around the box hasn’t even been opened.


The device still has all original factory seals intact with no evidence of tampering. The box has been been unsealed or opened, and the device has never been used. Devices must be free from any contractual obligation.